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Why Cybersecurity Matters

Hello Corporate America! Let’s ask the question why should cybersecurity matter to small and medium size businesses? If we define cybersecurity as measures taken to protect a computer system against unauthorized access, we are given the reason it matters. It is important to deny unauthorized actors or organizations access to a company’s intellectual property or …

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Remote working and the insider threat

During the Covid-19 pandemic response, the foundation of business has shifted, and traditional brick-and-mortar employees were sent home to become remote workers with few resources, planning, or testing of the processes. Business continuity took primacy over insider threat vulnerabilities that were created when business/legal requirements demanded workers be sent home. Out of necessity, the remote …

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Got policies?

Statistics indicate that many employees feel that their work product is their personal property and not the property of the company that paid them a salary to create it. This mindset is often contrary to standard business practices established at the employee’s company and criminal law.  So why is there such a different understanding amongst …

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Nomerel Unified Communications Overview

Nomerel Unified Communications Makes It Easy To Work From Home

To download a PDF version of Nomerel’s Unified Communications, click here Public policies, procedures, and personal choices will change the way we interact for at least the coming weeks and possibly longer. It’s likely that you’re changing the way you do business, including instituting new work from home policies, dealing with possible mandatory shutdowns, and …

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IT Expert Shares Tips To Get Your Team Remote, Fast

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we have seen the number of remote workers skyrocket as a majority of the countries workforce hunkers down in self-quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19.  The Coronavirus is creating a stressful experiment for executives, managers, and employees. Having adequate equipment, applications, and secure connectivity are among the top …

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