HIPPA - Gaining Compliance

A lot has changed in the way business gets done since 1996.  When HIPAA was released, the internet was just beginning to become part of daily discussions in the business world.  Those were the days before email and instant access were realities for most of us.

But times have changed.  Today’s workplaces are highly connected, with vast amounts of private information stored, duplicated and accesses trillions of times day.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 required national standards were created to protect sensitive patient data.  It also regulated the way that information could be shared.

With the rise of instant everything, the attention to compliance requires policies, procedures and safeguards.  Nomerel has the experience and the tools to help  you avoid the pitfalls of a failed audit or, worse, a data breach.  The financial impacts, coupled with the loss of client confidence, mean it’s just not worth the risk.

Concerns Associated With HIPAA Compliance

·         HIPAA violations attract hefty penalties.

·         Adequate training for handling PHI and dealing with malicious security attacks is critical.

·         It is imperative to have a Security Incident Response Plan (SIRP) in place to deal with a security event.

·         Professional assistance is required to handle the complexity of audits and to maintain the right documentation.

The HIPAA Hit to the Bottom Line?

Each year, American firms are hit with steep penalties, as well as the stigma of being ‘those firms in the news’.  

2015: $6,193,000

2016: $23,504,800

2017: 20,393,200

2018: 28,683,400

2019: 15,270,000

2020: 13,554,900

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HIPAA Violations Chart