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Whereas most consulting firms have narrow areas of specialty, Nomerel is different. We specialize in solving business problems through technology.  

Nomerel’s Technology Solutions team is staffed with technology professionals who understand that the ultimate purpose of technology is to serve the needs of the organization – to reduce risk and increase profitability. We do this by providing I.T. consulting, hardware, software, and design solutions to help our customers succeed at doing more with less.  Our services are designed to drive efficiency by empowering your organization with stable, reliable, affordable solutions.


Our Capabilities

Nomerel’s capabilities range from enterprise hardware & software to business process engineering, disaster recovery and so much more.  We’ve even been known to serve as a virtual CIO!

Some examples of projects we’ve completed for our customers include:

Going beyond a great help-desk, our team is here, looking after your systems, answering your questions and solving problems before they arise. We manage your I.T. environment.

Simple to obtain, use, and own, our feature-rich VoIP phone system solutions are scalable and offer all of the popular capabilities of traditional phone vendors at a fraction of the price.

With capabilities ranging from enterprise hardware & software to business process engineering, disaster recovery and more, our team is ready to help meet your company’s technology needs.

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At Nomerel, world-class I.T. is what we do. We specialize in providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma. We are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers, by eliminating technological mumbo-jumbo and delivering stable, dependable I.T. systems.