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Nomerel provides feature-rich, highly scalable, enterprise-grade phone systems that are simple, capable, and affordable for companies of any size.

Nomerel Cloud PBX Phones

Nomerel’s VoIP PBX is a cloud-hosted phone system that is capable of meeting the most stringent enterprise demands while remaining simple and affordable for use in smaller companies.

Whether you’re wanting to integrate offices across the country or insulate your phone system from power outages, cable cuts or natural disasters our expertise allows us to put together solutions that work end-to-end, from the phone itself, all the way through your firewall and into the Cloud PBX.

Simple to obtain, use, and own. Not limited to simple needs.  Our Cloud PBX is capable of scaling to thousands of users, with a feature set that covers all the bases, including:

Advanced Call Handling Features:

Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Simple and Affordable Business Phone Systems

Because we are a technology company rather than a telephony company, we don’t need the massive mark-ups of other phone providers for their equipment and services. If your existing networking is suited to support phones, we can make it work without selling you new gear.  If that’s not the case, we’ll help find the most cost-effective path towards the features you need. Our solution supports hundreds of phone models by over a dozen manufacturers, including Polycom, Cisco, Mitel, etc.

Likewise, if you already have SIP trunks, we use them!  If not, we’ll help you find the most effective and inexpensive option to meet your needs, often saving companies hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars each month on their phone bills. We’ll even help preserve the telephone numbers you use today by changing them to our preferred carrier!

So if you’re concerned that your phone bill is too high or feel like you’re not getting a good value with your existing provider, reach out to us on our Contact Page. Let’s chat about how we can make your telephony systems work for you.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems transmit telephone calls over an IP network rather than a traditional public telephone network. Each call made via a VoIP service is significantly cheaper than with traditional telephony systems, which is a major draw for businesses who want to make their operations as cost-effective as possible. There’s also the added benefit of VoIP systems being insulated from cable cuts, power outages or natural disasters when public telephone networks fall out of service.

Using an IP network rather than a traditional telephone network results in greater portability since the same number can be transferred to various different locations. This is ideal for businesses with employees that travel or work from home. Plus, VoIP systems are easy to scale up for growing businesses which need to gradually increase their users as the company expands.

More Companies Are Switching to Nomerel

Here in Tulsa, we’re seeing more and more businesses choose Nomerel as their local business VoIP phone system provider for better value for money, more reliability and increased call processing opportunities. If you’re worried that your existing provider isn’t offering value for money, or if your phone bill is simply too high, get in touch via our Contact page. Let’s chat about our cloud PBX phone system and find a VoIP phone service that is just right for your business.

Going beyond a great help-desk, our team is here, looking after your systems, answering your questions and solving problems before they arise. We manage your I.T. environment.

Simple to obtain, use, and own, our feature-rich VoIP phone system solutions are scalable and offer all of the popular capabilities of traditional phone vendors at a fraction of the price.

With capabilities ranging from enterprise hardware & software to business process engineering, disaster recovery and more, our team is ready to help meet your company’s technology needs.

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At Nomerel, we are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers by specializing in and providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma.