World-Class IT Is What We Do

We know that businesses everywhere expect technology to add value, but struggle to make it work for them on their terms – simple, reliable, agile, and affordable.

Providing World-Class IT Products and Services to Small & Mid-size Companies in Northeastern Oklahoma.

At Nomerel we add value to your technology. We specialize in making technology work for small businesses in Oklahoma – just like yours. You shouldn’t have to be a big company to have big-time IT, and you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get it. Through our experience, processes and expertise, we can make your technology work for you. Spend more time running your company while Nomerel provides reliable and affordable agility to make you a success.

Who is Nomerel?

The History of Nomerel

Nomerel is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO, Mark Rush. Mark started Nomerel in 2008 as an enterprise IT solutions company focused on large businesses.

What began as a break-fix company has evolved into a managed service provider (MSP) focusing on the largely underserved small and mid-sized business sector.

The ever-changing face of the IT industry has meant that Nomerel has had to continuously grow and change with it. Navigating away from the outdated business model over the last several years, has resulted in making hard decisions about how to best serve our customers.

Some of Nomerel’s team members have been able to rise and evolve with the company. But as business owners know, that’s not always the case. Changing the focus meant seeking out fresh eyes and new skillsets that were not previously required. This current and rapidly changing IT world has meant bringing in team members who see IT processes very differently. These new rockstars of the IT world are emerging from the reality that IT MUST become central for many businesses to survive.

Mark Rush,
Founder & CEO

What is the Future of Nomerel?

Proactive vs Reactive

The future of Nomerel is to provide proactive support in addition to reactional support. As we become more proactive in our approach we are finding that the reactional methods of our previous business model are beginning to fade. We will always need to do break-fix work, but in 2023, Nomerel is focusing more of its attention on vCIO services.

vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)

vCIO is the 24|7|365 proactive management of your company’s IT environment. Nomerel’s vCIO will provide consultation for your technology strategy as a third party, as opposed to an in-house CIO. When you subscribe to MSP services, Nomerel oversees your entire IT infrastructure and provides important information such as advanced warning of a warranty expiration and creates options on appropriate solutions (purchase more warranty vs replace old equipment). Knowing in advance what IT expenses are coming allows your company time to budget appropriately to maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure.