Why Choose

Nomerel specializes in providing world-class IT products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma.  We are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers, by eliminating technological mumbo-jumbo and delivering stable, dependable I.T. systems.  So why choose Nomerel for your technology needs?

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do, from how customers engage with us, to the proposals we deliver to meet their challenges.  We understand that customers have better things to do than pore over complex technology decisions, and believe that if something cannot be explained simply, it is not well enough understood.

We say these things often, because we know that doing them well really does improve the lives of our customers.  But there are other good reasons to consider using us for your technology needs.


Top 5 Reasons To Choose Nomerel

In short…

  1. We go beyond Break/Fix – our proactive monitoring and enterprise-grade experience mean we can fix problems before they happen.
  2. The Personal Touch – because we are small-by-design, we can focus on providing you a boutique experience where everyone on our team knows everyone on yours, and where we treat your systems as though they were our own.
  3. No Billing Surprises – our customers receive transparent, predictable billing with no surprise charges month-to-month, because you should never have to worry about getting help because of cost.
  4. We’re more than just an I.T. company – by being business oriented, we can help you chart a path to what’s next for your company and ensure your systems provide everything you need, for today and tomorrow.
  5. Simplicity, as a Service – our ability to translate business concepts into technology solutions, and vice-versa, sets us apart, because nobody should feel intimidated or frustrated when it comes time to discuss their IT systems.



The Big Three Concerns Of Small Business Owners

We understand that of all the concerns facing small business owners, three of them are shared by virtually all of them.  Here’s how Nomerel can help you overcome the unique challenges they pose.

Concern #1 – People

Happy customers are crucial to a successful business.  Happy customers are impossible without happy employees.  Happy employees are impossible when the tools they use to do their jobs are slow or unreliable.

  • By using Nomerel to proactively monitor your technology systems and keep things humming along, your employees are free to focus on keeping your customers happy.


Concern #2 – Cash Flow

Today’s businesses are universally dependent upon technology in some way.  The more dependent upon technology you are, the more important it is to ensure those systems are fast & reliable.  Companies who either spend too much or too little on technology are at a competitive disadvantage.

There’s no reason to think you must sacrifice service or quality by having someone else provide IT services.  Doing it yourself – hiring teams of people, purchasing & depreciating technology assets, performing upgrades & routine maintenance – are all expensive distractions from your core business.

  • Nomerel can provide you a competitive advantage, by delivering world-class IT services at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.



Concern #3 – Risk

Small businesses have all the same technology risks large companies do, but often lack the sophistication or the resources to know how to tackle the challenges.  A technology environment that isn’t well designed & well run can result in systems that are unavailable for days, weeks, even months.  Is your business one large storm away from closing its doors?  Do you know for sure?

  • Nomerel helps companies identify and resolve risks.  We know that for a business to survive, it must be resilient.  We are always on the lookout for ways to protect you against threats, and to stay one step ahead of them.



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