At Nomerel, We believe that customers shouldn’t have to wrestle with complex technology decisions.  That’s why we put Simplicity at the heart of everything we do.  Our Managed Services program simplifies the lives of our customers, by cutting out technology mumbo-jumbo and delivering exceptional service.

We specialize in providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma.  From the moment we engage with you to the solutions we deliver, we are all about making your life easier.


Simply Put, The Best Help Desk Ever

Anyone who has ever worked someplace with a great I.T. department will know the value of a great Help Desk.  You may not know what goes on behind the scenes, but you know that when you call with a problem they get it fixed.  And if you’ve ever left a company with a good Help Desk to work at a company with a bad one, you suddenly realize how important the I.T. department is to a healthy company.

While Nomerel is much more than a Help Desk, this is the most basic and yet most important capability we offer.  In short, we’re the Best Help Desk Ever.  Best of all, we figured out how to package ourselves for individual resale.  So you too can have the Best Help Desk Ever for yourself!

What are Managed Services?

The term “Managed Services” means nothing to most business people.  Even for those who understand Managed Services, the capabilities differ widely between providers.

As your Managed Services Provider (MSP), we take full care of your technology systems.  We are the world-class Help Desk looking after your systems, answering your questions, and solving problems before they arise.  We are Managing your I.T. environment.

Profiting From Your Success, Not Your Failure

Anyone can call themselves an MSP, but they are NOT all the same.  Knowing how to tell a good MSP from a bad one can be difficult, and costly.

Other providers who let you “pay-as-you-go” have an incentive to provide the lowest quality of service possible.  Because they make money every time you use them, they profit from your failures.  That’s not what partnership is about.

At Nomerel, we partner with customers so that we both profit from your success.  Our flat rate billing model means we have an incentive to make your systems run trouble-free.  Win-win.

A great MSP does far more than just show up when you call to report a problem.  An MSP is more than just a support line, or a hardware repairman, or an equipment reseller.  The best MSPs are looking down the road for you, helping you to avoid problems before they happen.  Most importantly, a great MSP like Nomerel will help you focus full-time on your business and your customers.

Nomerel gives customers the benefit of having an enterprise-quality I.T. department, delivered turn-key.  We’ll bring our own tools, so you have nothing extra to buy.  We use our own people, so you have no-one else to hire or manage.  Best of all, we’re prepared to hit the ground running on day one.

What does “as-a-service” mean?

Email services such as Office 365 or Gmail are examples of “Software as a Service” (or SaaS).  This is because the features you need are provided turn-key, billed to you as a monthly subscription.  This saves you from an expensive D-I-Y nightmare, and lets you get up-and-going almost instantly.  After all, nobody ever won an award for doing something themselves that they could have had someone else do better for less.

At Nomerel, we believe that do-it-yourself is for Swedish bookshelves, not your technology systems.  The “as-a-service” model is better for today’s technology needs, because it is cheaper and faster than D-I-Y.  Part of our mission to simplify technology for business involves making it easier for you to get what you need.  This is why we have developed offerings for Hardware, Monitoring, Backups, Security, and even Voice PBX systems, all on a monthly “as-a-service” basis.  These costs come out of your Operational budget, meaning no large one-time expenditures, and no equipment to depreciate.  (If you don’t already know about the financial and accounting benefits of going with “as-a-service”, be sure to ask us! )


Benefits of Nomerel’s Managed Services

Not all providers are the same – far from it!  What makes us different, makes us better.  These are some of the key benefits a partnership with Nomerel will bring to you.

Treating Your Company Like Ours

Nomerel’s Managed Services are able to cover every aspect of your I.T. systems.  For many customers, we become your virtual I.T. department, even including a virtual CIO to advise you where needed.  Our tools collect the “vital signs” of all your technology systems, 24/7.  We can spot trends that indicate potential problems, curing them before they happen, and quickly responding to any unforeseen issues.

Our team is comprised of talented, customer-focused I.T. professionals with experience supporting some of the largest and most complex I.T. environments.  We are able to provide every customer with stable, reliable, and high-performing systems, for less than the cost of doing it yourself.  Most importantly, we understand that technology has but one purpose – to support the business.  Through this lens, we are able to focus on bringing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Preparing You For What’s Next

We are always looking down the road for you, preparing you to stay ahead of decisions and keep things running smoothly.  We’re always looking for ways to improve your systems, and will always prefer to use existing investments.  For example, we’ll be able to advise you when your warranties are about to expire, or the temperature in your server area is too warm, or when an upgrade may be needed to help with performance.  If we can fix it for free, we will.  If we can’t, we’ll tell you in advance so you can plan ahead.

Unlimited, Rapid Support at a Flat Fee

If we’re to be true to our word – that we simplify our customers’ lives – we can’t have obstacles between our service and our customers.  This is why our billing model is a flat fee for the on-going support of your production environment.  No matter how many problems we fix, no matter how much time we spend working with you, your monthly bill is the same.  This means we have a clear incentive to make you successful, rather than profiting from your problems.

Fewer Tiers Means Exceptional Support

While other companies have various levels of support personnel (Tier 1, or Level 2, etc), we employee support engineers who can resolve any problem in your environment as soon as it occurs.  This means when you talk to a Nomerel resource, you’re already talking to what would be a Level 3 expert (or higher!) at most other companies.  Therefore, we have fewer escalation hand-offs, fewer delays, faster resolution of your problems, and a deeper familiarity with your people.  It’s very difficult for MSP’s to do this well, which is why Nomerel’s services are a step above.

Better By Design

Because we know how to build supportable and sustainable technology systems, we are able to provide faster response time and higher first-call resolution rates than other providers.  Our tools allow us to see any system we manage as though we were right in front of it, within milliseconds.  Rather than waiting for someone to drive across town before you can get help, Nomerel ensures you’re getting a top-quality support engineer who can fix your problem the moment you call.

Ready for Growth

Nomerel’s Managed Services Program grows as you grow. You’ll start with the managed services that meet your company’s current needs. As your needs grow, Nomerel will be ready to meet them.

Nomerel’s Leading Edge Capabilities

We have built the best set of tools and expertise in the market for providing exceptional service to our customers.  Since 2008, Nomerel have invested thousands of man-hours and spared no expense to build a world-class service offering.  We wanted our service to be good enough to work for the largest, most demanding companies.  Then we figured out how to make it affordable enough to benefit every company, of any size.

There are three important reasons why Nomerel’s capabilities stand above the rest:

  • the quality, breadth and depth of our tools,
  • our singular expertise in applying those tools, and
  • our team’s experience in large enterprise I.T.

We bring these capabilities to benefit customers in each of the areas shown below.  Click the diagram below for a more detailed description of the services we provide around each element.

Tools and Services for Nomerel MSP

Nomerel Managed Services




We Can Simplify Technology For You

Because we understand businesses and are focused on simplicity, our most common offering includes everything you’ll need.  But because we are small-by-design, we are also able to create highly customized offerings tailored to your unique requirements.

Because we spend time getting to know our customers, we can build a custom set of our capabilities to match your unique needs.  Some customers only use our toolsets with their own I.T. teams.  Some use a blend of our tools and our teams to augment their own.  Others allow us to provide everything they need – from a Virtual CIO, down to the last switch or access point, including full monitoring & management of the entire environment.  We can begin with the basics – providing exceptional Help Desk service – and branch into other areas as you become comfortable with us.  We’re able to grow, adapt, and change with you as your needs require.

Above all, Nomerel ensures that the services we offer will simplify the lives of our customers for the better.

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