Managed Services

At Nomerel, We believe that customers shouldn’t have to wrestle with complex technology decisions. From the moment we engage with you to the solutions we deliver, we are all about making your life easier.

As your Managed Services Provider (MSP), we take full care of your technology systems.  We are the world-class Help Desk looking after your systems, answering your questions, and solving problems before they arise.  We are Managing your I.T. environment.

Cloud PBX Phone Systems

These are some of the key benefits a partnership with Nomerel will bring to you.

While our most common offering includes everything you’ll need, we are also able to create highly customized offerings tailored to your unique requirements.

No matter how many problems we fix, no matter how much time we spend working with you, your monthly bill is the same.

Our team is comprised of engineers who can resolve any problem in your environment as soon as it occurs. This means fewer escalation hand-offs, fewer delays and faster resolution of your problems.
We monitor the “vital signs” of all your technology systems, 24/7, meaning we can spot trends that indicate potential problems, cure them before they happen, and quickly respond to any unforeseen issues.
Here at Nomerel, we’re always looking down the road for you, preparing you to stay ahead of decisions and keep things running smoothly. We give customers the benefit of having an enterprise-quality I.T. department, delivered turn-key and are prepared to hit the ground running on day one.

For more information on the Managed Services that we can provide for your Company reach out via our Contact Page and we’ll gladly set up a call or demonstration!

Going beyond a great help-desk, our team is here, looking after your systems, answering your questions and solving problems before they arise.  We manage your I.T. environment.

Simple to obtain, use, and own, our feature-rich VoIP phone system solutions are scalable and offer all of the popular capabilities of traditional phone vendors at a fraction of the price.

With capabilities ranging from enterprise hardware & software to business process engineering, disaster recovery and more, our Team is ready to help meet your Company’s technology needs.

At Nomerel, world-class I.T. is what we do. We specialize in providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma. We are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers, by eliminating technological mumbo-jumbo and delivering stable, dependable I.T. systems.