Why Mobile Device Management Is Important For Your Business

by Jun 20, 2019Blog

A mobile device management system is a method of managing the mobile devices within a company. Very simply it manages connectivity between everything from a VOIP phone in an office to a laptop being used in the field. In today’s workforce it’s very possible that more work is done in front of a smart phone or tablet than what’s done at a desk. Because of this it is important that a system be in place that can update smart devices with essential apps, firmware security updates, and even backup the progress of an employees’ work.  There are a lot of benefits to investing in a MDM system. This list is just a few of the bigger ones that can help your company be a more productive, efficient enterprise.

Bring Your Own Device Capabilities

Up until recently companies issued devices for their employees rather than allowing them to use their own for company business. With a mobile device management system that’s certainly still an option, but an unnecessary and expensive one. Bring your own device (BYOD) means that the company can cut down on equipment cost and because of the advancements of network security with MDM systems, company information is still safe. Though it is necessary to make sure that safety isn’t sacrificed for efficiency, this allows employees to work on an operating system they are comfortable with while saving the company the added expense of new equipment, warranties and software.

Legal compliance

Most, if not all companies, have to adhere to laws designed to protect the privacy of their information as well as the clients they serve. A great example of this is HIPPA; the HIPPA Security Rule establishes the standards in which doctors handle the privacy of their patients using electronic devices. With more than 40% of providers using devices to send prescriptions or access records, it’s essential that they remain up to date on these rules. A good mobile device management system allows a health provider to do this because along with IT support, compliance can be monitored and if necessary, updated system wide. 

Segregated Networks and Controlled Access

One big benefit of MDM systems is network segregation. Network segregation is nothing more than splitting your network into smaller sub-networks. There are many benefits to this, including enhanced performance. It also allows for a more secure connection as each sub-network can have a purpose. Each sub-network is a room in a house and you need a key to get into some rooms. Without network segregation, the whole house is just a single room that’s open to anyone who can get on the network. Though it does require specialized IT support and a little extra effort, a segregated network is another example of how a mobile device management system can help make your company safer from cyber criminals.

Enterprise Application Store and Application Management

One of the biggest benefits to a MDM system is application management. When your employees are using either company devices or their own approved device, it’s necessary that the apps installed on it be safe and compliant with any legal restrictions the company has to adhere to. The best way to do that and remain efficient is through your own enterprise app catalog. Essentially, your company creates its own play store with only certain apps available for download. This allows users to install apps necessary to do their job rather than counting on IT support to be available to do it for them. This also allows for automatic updates as new editions are unveiled and patches are created to fix security issues.

Remote Access and Management

Most IT departments have had instances where it is necessary to remotely control a PC in order to fix a problem. A mobile device management system allows for IT support to remotely control a mobile device to either assist in fixing a difficult problem or, in the case of a security breach, to lock a device and wipe it of sensitive, critical information. Remote IT support can also assist with updates and ensure that security protocols are being observed on the device.

Mobile Management and Reports

A mobile device management system can create some discomfort for employees that spend more time on social media than the company would like. A MDM system allows IT support and network administrators to audit a device, or create automated reports to be available when needed. Information such as what apps are installed on the device and usage can be made available along with any security concerns. 

Data Backup and Recovery

As companies utilize the cloud, the internet of things and a large variety of devices, it is imperative that a system be in place to backup data collected by these many different sources. Having a device connected via a mobile device management system allows for that information to be safe in the event of a security breach or other unforeseen accident involving the device. A MDM system can also restore lost or corrupt data in the event of a system crash. Though it can be a little more challenging to setup your mobile device management system for data backup and recovery, it is essential to prevent data loss in the event of device failure.

Almost every time another study is published about a company’s work environment it supports the necessity of a more mobile work space. Most employees don’t work best within the walls of a cubicle (or simply can’t), but rather on the treadmill or at home. So, it’s essential that companies be prepared to accommodate this change of productivity. The best way to do that is to use a system that’s designed to keep mobile devices working efficiently and productively while also secure. With a mobile device management system a company can not only have employees working more efficiently away from the office, but IT support can also ensure that that device remains secure. For any company, it’s important to keep your company secure, save money and help your employees be as efficient, and happy with their work, as possible. A MDM system can help with all of these goals and be a key factor in the success of your company.