Our Approach

Three-Step Simplicity

Our proven process for engaging with customers to solve problems, which we call The Nomerel Approach, provides a simple method by which we get to know you, chart out the course forward, and help to get you where you want to go.

There are just three steps to the process – Listen, Consult, and Solve.


We Listen

Nomerel’s approach is unique because we recognize an important truth regarding technology in business – that it must empower companies to do more with less.

By investing the time to truly understand our customers – your culture, problems, strengths, frustrations, and goals – we know precisely how and where to begin for maximum effect.

The collaborative partnership we forge with every customer begins here, where we start to view your business goals as though they were our own.


We Consult

Having built a solid understanding of your business, we begin to collect important details about your supporting technologies, through services engagements such as our Technology Readiness Assessment.

The information we collect and the findings we identify serve as the picture of your Current State.  With your future goals in mind, we collaboratively establish a clear plan to reach them in a way that makes sense to your business.


We Solve

With our collaboratively-built plan defined, Nomerel brings the people, process, and technology resources needed to execute it – monitoring it for success along the way and correcting course as needed.

With each successful milestone we reach, we repeat this process together to ensure we’re always moving in the right direction for you.  This ensures we can take advantage of new opportunities, and adjust for changes in your business, the economy, or the marketplace.


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Nomerel doesn’t have a pre-built box that we try to squeeze customers into.  We’re builders, specializing in custom solutions which are both tailored to your exact needs and as cost-effective as buying off-the-shelf.

We don’t call our customers every time a new manufacturer special comes out, or some new discount program is offered.  We don’t lead with products.  We work with what you have, and if that’s not getting the job done, we present simple options to fix it, in plain terms – cost vs. benefit, pros vs. cons, along with our expert recommendation.



No Surprises

Unlike other providers, we make sure that our proposals include everything you will need to solve the problem at hand.  You’ll know exactly what you’ll get, and what you won’t.  You’ll know exactly what it will cost, and what factors might influence the price.

We believe it’s important that our customers are equipped to make informed decisions, with clear expectations, so that they can feel confident moving towards their goals.  In our business, there’s no such thing as a good surprise.


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