Deja Vu – Petya Cyber Attack Same as WannaCry

by Jun 27, 2017News

Today’s news of the Petya cyber attack in the Ukraine and Europe was a predictable follow-up to the WannaCry cryptoware outbreak from earlier this year.  As security vendor Palo Alto notes, the method used by Petya is exactly the same as WannaCry, and can be dealt with using the same measures.

While the perpetrators of WannaCry tripped on their own shoelaces, another wave of similar attacks – relying on un-patched computers – seemed inevitable.  Preying on vulnerable computers faster than companies can protect them is a part of the new cyber crime economy.  This naturally creates a tremendous risk to small business owners, who seldom have the time or skills necessary to stay ahead of the game.  After all, even the largest organizations seem to struggle with patching their computers.

You may be interested in the guidance from our article outlining considerations for cryptoware in business terms.  That article was written in May, regarding the WannaCry outbreak.

Writing about the massive outbreak last month, we said that companies deserve a simple answer to the question “are my systems free from this risk?”  So we’ve decided to renew our offer to help you answer that question.

For any company who needs it, we’ll provide a free, zero-obligation analysis of your systems’ vulnerability to the WannaCry ransomware outbreak.  

You can schedule a visit with us at our online booking page at this link.  We’ll come out and run a tool we’ve made available to ascertain the health of any given Windows computer.

Our customers are protected from the exploits used by both WannaCry and Petya, unlike hundreds of thousands of other entities around the world.  We’d love the opportunity to help you, even if it’s in a small way, be confident that this issue won’t affect you either.