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Nomerel is a one-stop-shop for technology solutions. From products and processes to resources needed to solve any problem facing your company, our Service offerings are designed with businesses like yours in mind – simple, cost-effective, reliable, and with no surprises.

Going beyond a great help-desk, our team is here, looking after your systems, answering your questions and solving problems before they arise. We manage your I.T. environment.

Simple to obtain, use, and own, our feature-rich VoIP phone system solutions are scalable and offer all of the popular capabilities of traditional phone vendors at a fraction of the price.

With capabilities ranging from enterprise hardware & software to business process engineering, disaster recovery and more, our team is ready to help meet your company’s technology needs.

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At Nomerel, we are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers by specializing in and providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma.