Cyber Insurance Consulting


Cyber Insurance is a type of insurance product that is designed to protect businesses against potential damages associated with cybercrimes such as ransomware and malware attacks. It is a customizable solution for businesses to mitigate specific risks associated with cybersecurity breaches and prevent unauthorized access to their sensitive data and networks.  Each application contains detailed questions about your network, your systems and your processes.  There is no need to wade though that information alone.  Nomerel has the experience and the contacts to help make sense of the Cyber Insurance Application process.

And, with our years of experience, Nomerel can help you implement the types of security and procedures to save you money month over month, year over year.

Nomerel Cyber Insurance Consulting

Concerns Associated With Cyber Insurance Compliance

·         Cyber Insurance coverage can be unclear and confusing. It’s hard to understand what is covered and what is not, so you need to be certain you are picking the right coverage.


·         The policies are complex and possess certain constraints and limitations that can be difficult for businesses to interpret. It is vital that you have adhered to and fulfilled all policy requirements to ensure that your claims are not denied.

Cyber Insurance: Covering What?

  • E-mail spoofing.
  • Media liability claims cover
  • Cyber extortion cover
  • Privacy breach and data breach by a third party
  • Identity theft cover
  • Cyberstalking
  • IT theft loss cover
  • Malware cover
  • Phishing cover




For more information on how Nomerel can help you navigate the Cyber Insurance waters and how we can help you save money month over month, please reach out via our Contact Page and we’ll gladly set up a call or demonstration.

Cyber Insurance: What’s the Risk?

  • Fraudulent online transactions registered on one’s financial accounts
  • Reputational liability, that includes data theft and privacy invasion
  • Losses and expenses and the prosecution cost related to identity theft
  • Restoration cost for data retrieval and protection against ransomware attacks
  • Damage claim against third-party for data breach and privacy breach
  • Cyber extortion loss and compensation for attending Court summons.