Prevent threats to your business with our security services

Stopping Breaches Faster Than Any Human Could

From cloud workloads and user identities to their workstations and mobile devices, data has become the foundation of our way of life and critical for organizations to protect. Harnessing its power at any moment in time is also the answer to defeating tomorrow’s evolving & emergent cyber threats. Nomerel’s singularity platform actions data at enterprise scale to make precise, context-driven decisions autonomously, at machine speed, without human intervention.


Of small businesses are targeted by internet criminals

Nomerel’s sophisticated threat mitigation capabilites gives our clients “big company” protection.

Defense and Compliance

External Security Vulnerability Assessment Scans, Internal Threats and NomerelSOC (24/7 Security Operations Center) Services, Network Security Monitoring and Management, NIST/HIPAA/CMMC compliance and compliance monitoring.

Cybersecurity is More Important Today Than Ever Before

In the event of a breach, the cost to your business can be catastrophic. No only will you be forced to make extensive changes to secure YOUR companies private information and make changes to your bank accounts and credit cards, ALL of your customers and vendors will have to be notified and they will be forced to do the same. The potential loss of your own assets have now been expounded exponentially by potential loss of business from your customers.

To put that into perspective, you may not think cybersecurity is important, but more and more SMBs are becoming aware of its significance. According to a recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, nearly four in 10 small business owners are concerned about a cyber-attack within the next 12 months.

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