Prevent threats to your business with our security services

Nomerel’s threat monitoring and compliance services allow our customers to focus on making money.

Nomerel is staffed with security experts with more than 25 years-experience working for the FBI and knowledgeable in cybersecurity issues.


Of small businesses are targeted by internet criminals

Nomerel’s sophisticated threat mitigation capabilites gives our clients “big company” protection.

Defense and Compliance

External Security Vulnerability Assessment Scans, Internal Threats and NomerelSOC (24/7 Security Operations Center) Services, Network Security Monitoring and Management, NIST/HIPAA/CMMC compliance and compliance monitoring.


“Close to 40% of data breaches in 2021 prey on small business. Hackers know how most of them don’t have sutable systems in place, which is the reason they are targeting them. In fact, only 14% are ready for the attacks”

Source: Embroker


What you may need to do after a security breach

A security breach at your business creates real problems. Nomerel offers a product line to allow small business to mitigate the risks of cyber attack.

Contact your insurance carrier before paying a ransom

Notify local law enforcement and Federal law enforcement

Notify regulatory or compliance authorities

Determine your legal reporting requirements

Designate a point of contact for public release of information

In addition, the toll that a cyber-attack will have on your customer and outward facing relationships will be significant and comprehensive. Let the Nomerel team manage your IT assets so that your risk of a cyber-attack is significantly reduced.