Security Risk Assessment

Find the holes in your digital security so you can close them.

Merely adding disparate security solutions to your network isn’t enough to protect your business from a security disaster if you don’t know the risks your business faces – not just today but in the long run as well.

Ransomware and other cyber attacks are the enemy of today’s data-driven organization. Attacks are increasingly destructive, driving the cost per attack into the millions. Cyber threats take on many different forms and attackers use multiple techniques and platforms. It’s not a matter of “if” an organization will be targeted by cybercriminals but “when”.


What Does a Security Risk Assessment Entail?

A security risk assessment involves identifying information assets that might be targeted by security threats (internal and external), assessing your business’ network and data security posture, and gauging threats (prevalent and imminent) to your information assets.

Determine the value of an information asset

Prioitize assets

Identify threats

Assess vulnerabilities

Analyze existing controls

Document the entire process

Repeat all of it again, regularly

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