Reasons Why Companies Adopt A Mobile Device Management Program Within Their Small Business

by Apr 1, 2019Blog

It is virtually impossible in today’s world to have a company that doesn’t deal with the internet in some way. And everyone, from a small freelance artisan to the largest corporation, likely uses a mobile device to help their business. Though for the small one-person business a MDM program may not be appropriate yet, most companies that have at least a few employees could benefit from exploring the possibility of implementing a good mobile device management strategy. Large companies and corporations already do and it allows them to not only work more efficiently, but save money as well. There are several benefits that companies are already taking advantage of, and many more that didn’t even make this list.

Device Freedom and BYOD Capabilities

Many companies, including small businesses, have chosen to use personal devices rather than company issued mobile devices. The reason for this is simple: cost. And, with an effective mobile device management solution, BYOD (bring your own device) policies are very secure and safe with company information regardless of if it’s a small business or large corporation. The benefit of BYOD isn’t just that a user can stay with an operating system they are comfortable with (apple users hate using androids and vice versa), but it also saves money as a company doesn’t have to invest in new equipment. 

And, most people want the newest and best mobile device for their own personal use. This benefits the company in an indirect way as new phones often have more storage and more features than older models. Not only does the company save by not having to buy equipment, their employees do it for them, and it is quality mobile devices.

Administrators Have More Control

Most small business owners would agree that it’s important to monitor devices when your company utilizes them. Those companies that have adopted an efficient MDM program allows for better network security as well as better remote management. Companies that enjoy a good mobile device management program provide remote IT support to their employees, allowing IT technical services to work more efficiently and save time. Another big difference with a MDM program and a company without one is that network administrators can setup automatic reports used for monitoring devices on company time.

Cloud Servers and Real Time Information

One big selling point with a mobile device management program is the cloud. With the cloud and BYOD policies, employees can work from anywhere and access information that allows them to do their jobs. They can also instantly upload the progress they are making on their own workload not only as evidence that they are performing their duties, but also so that information is available to the rest of the company. This allows employees and employers to remain connected anywhere and everywhere.

In the case of backup services, companies that have invested in a MDM program take advantage of secure backups that, should something happen and data is lost within the company, it can be recovered quickly. Those companies that have adopted a successful MDM program have done research on cloud services and selected the one that has the most attractive price for the features that suit their unique needs.

Self-Serve Portals for Employees

One difference between companies that utilize a good MDM program and those that don’t is the workload for IT support. A big benefit of a mobile device management solution is deploying a private app store. Many companies, particularly larger enterprises, use this to improve connectivity and better control what apps their employees use. This also allows employees to rate the apps and help management cut out those apps that aren’t living up to their investment. By controlling which apps are available security is also less of an issue; companies can choose to offer only those apps that have passed their own encryption and security requirements.

It also allows employees to perform simple maintenance and similar tasks on mobile devices. This not only frees up time for IT support, it also goes a long way towards preventing future problems or loss of data.

24/7, 365 Management and Troubleshooting

Any company that utilizes mobile devices has a unique set of security concerns. What if the phone/tablet is lost? Even if it can be recovered, there is a period of time where information can be accessed and stolen from that device. Companies that invest in a successful MDM program have superb network security and at any moment in the day, a network administrator can take control of a device that has corporate information.

In the event that a company device, or a personal device with corporate information, falls into the wrong hands, IT support can lock and wipe the device. This not only protects the employee from legal repercussions, it protects the company as well as their clients from the threat of cyber crime. Employees can still work remotely without compromising network security.

Legal and Regulatory Needs

Lastly, a good mobile device management strategy allows a company or corporation keep with legal requirements. As new cyber threats are discovered and combated on a regular basis, it’s important that all devices on a network not only be to date with security patches and apps, but also meet legal and regulatory compliances. An effective MDM program ensures that any company works within the law to avoid any legal issues should a security breach happen.

With a large corporation, it is imperative that an efficient and secure mobile device management program be in place. Network security and protecting sensitive company information, not to mention client privacy, is the number one priority of any company. But, that doesn’t have to hinder profits or employee efficiency. Many companies already know the benefits of allowing employees to work remotely—there are studies which prove that working remotely boosts productivity—and with an effective MDM system it isn’t necessary to sacrifice security protection. An effective mobile device management program can allow a company to save money while also increasing profit and productivity.