Managed Services or Cloud PBX systems customers can obtain assistance using the following methods:

For Urgent Issues

Call us at (918) 806-9000
Toll-Free (844) 666-3735

Change Requests

Email Support. A ticket will be automatically generated, and a technician will respond as soon as possible.

Not Sure Which Method To Use?

Give us a call!
Call us at (918) 806-9000
Toll-Free (844) 666-3735

Not Sure Which Method To Use? Give us a call! 
While we are typically able to respond to email requests faster than phone requests, we understand that sometimes a call is just easier!  

To help ensure that we’re always able to respond quickly to our customer’s urgent issues, we suggest that any lower priority questions be sent in by email.

Remote Vs On-site IT Support

Many IT problems can be resolved remotely these days, particularly if it’s a software issue that’s to blame, and we’ve found that remote IT support is the most common type of computer help we have to offer. With remote support, we work to get your computer, server or phone issues fixed from our offices by remotely accessing your business devices. By removing the need for an engineer to travel to your business premises, we can get IT issues resolved much faster and with fewer complications.

In the rare event that an IT problem can’t be resolved remotely, our engineers can visit your business’ premises to deliver computer help there. Since we’re based in Tulsa, we can provide on-site support for businesses throughout northeastern Oklahoma. We find that on-site IT support in Tulsa is most common for area businesses that are implementing new IT systems or have big projects going on that require additional IT requirements. On-site support is also valuable for training employees on the use of IT or phone systems.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Tech Support Needs

No matter if you’re an existing customer or we are yet to meet, we’re ready and waiting to give you all the computer help you need. Get in touch now for help with a specific technology problem, or to discuss ongoing managed IT support that will help your business thrive.

At Nomerel, world-class I.T. is what we do. We specialize in providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma. We are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers, by eliminating technological mumbo-jumbo and delivering stable, dependable I.T. systems.