Nomerel’s Technology Solutions team provides I.T. consulting, hardware, software, and design solutions to help customers succeed at doing more with less.  Our services are designed to drive efficiency by empowering your organization with stable, reliable, affordable solutions.  We bring everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to help you meet your goals.

Most consulting firms have narrow areas of specialty. Nomerel is different, in that we specialize in solving business problems through technology.  No matter what that means to you, we know how to bring the right blend of talent, products, and services to deliver results – seamlessly.

Our Capabilities

Nomerel’s capabilities range from enterprise hardware & software to business process engineering, compliance, business continuity planning, disaster recovery, assessments, implementation, hosting, cloud adoption, enterprise architecture, even serving as a virtual CIO – and most everything in-between.

Some examples of projects we’ve completed for our customers include:

  • Architect & implement new datacenter environments
  • Design a new WAN connecting your offices and datacenters
  • Revamp or upgrade virtual infrastructures to modern standards, such as hyperconvergence
  • Design dedicated storage solutions to meet any performance or capacity requirement
  • Install or upgrade distributed core network switching infrastructures
  • LAN redesign, including VLAN and IP renumbering, QoS for critical applications, etc.
  • Replace firewalls with complex rule sets, maintaining all configurations
  • Migration to Office 365 for email, including acquisition & setup of new DNS domains
  • Detailed documentation of an enterprise technology infrastructure, including permissions & security posture
  • Consolidation of legacy servers and storage to simplified, condensed footprints
  • Relocation of an office or datacenter facility
  • Upgrades of major application systems such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, VMWare, etc.
  • Design and installation of VoIP PBX systems, including network optimization for voice quality


What Sets Us Apart

Nomerel’s Technology Solutions team is staffed with technology professionals who understand that a fundamental truth about I.T. in business.  The ultimate purpose of technology is to serve the needs of the organization – to reduce risk and increase profitability;  otherwise it is of no value.  Our staff has been in the trenches of enterprise IT in the corporate world, so we know the importance of adding value to your company. We view ourselves as a customer service organization first, and a technology services provider second. Our culture, background, experience, and capabilities are what set us apart.


  • Our Approach

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  • Our Values

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  • What We Do

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