Telephony Services

Nomerel provides feature-rich, highly scalable, enterprise-grade phone systems that are simple, capable, and affordable for companies of any size.

These modern phone systems have all of the popular capabilities offered by traditional phone vendors, at a fraction of the price.

Our phone systems are Simple to obtain, Simple to use, and Simple to own, but they aren’t limited to simple needs.  They are full-blown VoIP solutions capable of scaling to thousands of users, with a feature set that covers all the bases.

Introducing Nomerel Cloud PBX

Our customers use Nomerel Cloud PBX systems to integrate offices across the country, resulting in a phone system where everyone appears to be in the same office.

By providing a cloud-hosted solution, your phone system is insulated from problems like power outages or cable cuts that would ordinarily result in busy signals and lost business.

Nomerel provides full management of each Cloud PBX, allowing us to make changes to your system in events such as natural disasters or temporary emergencies.  But, we can also hand-off management capabilities to your in-house IT team if you prefer to self-perform those tasks.

A Feature Rich Phone System

Advanced call handling features allow for tasks such as reception to be distributed anywhere, or centralized in one location, without callers being any the wiser.  Feautres such as time-of-day handling and interactive voice response (IVR) menus allow us to replicate even the most complex call flows.

Incoming calls can be quickly and easily routed to queues, ring groups, or even external numbers.  Each person can be empowered to set up “follow me” rules to be available when out of the office, or the system can be tweaked at any time to change what happens to incoming calls as your needs change.

For those with training and quality assurance requirements, the system provides listen and whisper features, as well as call recording.  These are all easily managed with an intuitive web interface.  In customer service scenarios, we can provide “pop” functions to either your web-based CRM system or your Outlook contacts list.  There are even queue status screens available, which are well suited for monitors in call centers.

Our customers love the “click-to-call” capabilities that can be implemented on your PC’s browser, greatly enhancing the integration between your computer and phone.  By using a software phone (softphone) on their PC and a Bluetooth headset, compact desks can enjoy a lot more free space.

These are just a few examples of the rich capabilities our customers use with a Nomerel Cloud PBX.


If It’s Cheap, It Can’t Be Good, Right?

Because we are a technology company rather than a telephony company, we don’t need to include the massive mark-ups of other phone providers for their equipment and services.  To us, a phone or a PBX is just another system on a network that needs to be looked after.  To us, there’s nothing tricky about it, so why should they be so expensive?

If your existing networking is suited to support phones, we can make it work without selling you new gear.  If not, we help find the most cost-effective path towards the features you need.  Our expertise allows us to put together solutions that work end-to-end, from the phone itself, all the way through your firewall and into the Cloud PBX.  We understand advanced details such as traffic shaping & QoS, which are necessary to ensure the highest possible voice quality on every call.

What About My Phone Service & Numbers?

If you already have SIP trunks, we use them.  If not, we help you find the most effective and inexpensive option to meet your needs, often saving companies hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars each month on their phone bills.

We also help with number porting – that is, we preserve the telephone numbers you use today by changing them to our preferred carrier, allowing you to save money each month on your phone bill, without having to change business cards or contact information on websites!

Minimal Rip & Replace – Keep What Works

If your existing telephone handsets are SIP capable and you wish to keep them, we won’t make you buy new ones.  Our solution supports hundreds of phone models by over a dozen manufacturers, including Polycom, Cisco, Mitel, etc.  It supports add-on modules such as sidecars, as well as analog converters for legacy fax machines or the like.

Our solution is affordable because we know how to re-use your existing systems where appropriate, and because our ‘product’ is simply our time.  Our platform offers 99% of the features most customers need, and any add-ons are extremely inexpensive.


Simple, Capable, Affordable

Nomerel wanted to bring a simple, capable, and affordable VoIP PBX solution to the market because phone systems are a common source of expense & frustration at just about every company we visit.  We worked on developing, testing, and using this solution ourselves for a full year before releasing the product to the market, because we wanted to be 100% satisfied that we had the best solution.  The result is a phone system that not only meets the most stringent enterprise demands, but that can be affordably installed at smaller companies – The Nomerel Cloud PBX.

If you’re concerned that your phone bill is too high, or you’re not getting a good value with your existing provider, give us a call at (918) 770-4099, and let’s talk about how we can make your life better.