The Worst Part of IT – Patching

Noted security expert Brian Krebs does a good job of keeping people abreast of actionable security issues, such as the release of fixes for vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited with tremendous effect.  Today’s post of his is no exception.  When Adobe and Microsoft release these patches, it affects virtually everyone who uses a computer.

Unfortunately, for many companies, patching is tough to do well.  Sometimes because the toolsets aren’t good, and sometimes because they don’t have the time or expertise to establish good systems for keeping current.

The downside of not staying current with critical security updates, is that attackers have a precise map of exactly how to attack computers – these maps are drawn by software companies who detail exactly which vulnerabilities are being patched next, at which point the arms race begins.  If you don’t patch holes before they exploit them, you lose.  Cryptolocker, anyone?

Ensuring that our customers’ systems are always protected against these types of attacks, through patching and best-practice setup of their environments – is one of those unappreciated behind-the-scenes jobs we do.  It’s just another way we deliver simplicity as a service.  If your patching situation leaves something to be desired, we can help!

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