What We Do

At Nomerel, world-class I.T. is what we do.  We specialize in providing world-class I.T. products and services to small & mid-size companies in northeastern Oklahoma.  We are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers, by eliminating technological mumbo-jumbo and delivering stable, dependable I.T. systems.  Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do, from how customers engage with us, to the proposals we deliver to meet their challenges.  We understand that customers have better things to do than pore over complex technology decisions, and believe that if something cannot be explained simply, it is not well enough understood.



Think Of Us as Builders

Everyone can relate to the construction industry, which has literally built the entire world around us. Using the construction analogy, think of Nomerel as the I.T. equivalent of a General Contractor.  In fact, we’re like a GC who will self-perform many types of work.

Our capabilities and relationships allow us to act as your single point of contact for providing any and all aspects of your technology needs – portions of which we do ourselves, and portions of which we subcontract to specialists.

We will engage and manage selected partners to perform certain specialty tasks such as Application Development, ERP systems, Document Management solutions, and even some types of comprehensive security assessments.  And we self-perform in virtually every infrastructure technology discipline, from networking to servers, storage, security, wireless, firewalls, endpoints, mobility, and of course, the on-going day-to-day management of any solution we build.

This model of engagement results in the lives of our customers being simplified by using us to facilitate their projects and ease their workloads – no matter how complex the needs.

Our Service Offerings



Of Hedgehogs and Value

We recognize that above all, we must add value to our customers if we are to have a productive partnership.

We feel that one of the best ways to ensure we’re adding value is to help our customers spend as much time as possible focusing on their “Hedgehog Concept” – specifically, without distraction from their I.T. systems.


As you may know, the Hedgehog Concept was a term coined by Jim Collins in his bestselling book Good to Great, and refers to the engine at the heart of every great company.  He defines this as being the overlapping point of three separate concepts;


Here’s the thing…

Unless you happen to be in the business of providing technology services to customers, your Hedgehog Concept will not include “technology management!”  
So why do it?


This fact is of course true for hundreds of thousands of small companies – they do all their own technology management, for want of a better option.

That’s where Nomerel comes in.  We have the better option!


Our Hedgehog Concept

At Nomerel, our Hedgehog Concept surrounds empowering small to mid-size businesses with world-class technology capabilities.  We know that if you’re self-performing these I.T. activities – managing servers, networks, storage, etc – and I.T. isn’t your core business, you’re wasting precious time and resources.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Because business I.T. is what we do for customers, they have more free time to focus on pursuing their own Hedgehog Concepts.  This mutual success is how we establish valuable, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.   Adding value, solving problems, simplifying lives.


Thinking Outside The Box

We recognize that for us to have successful customer partnerships, creativity and flexibility must be part of what we do.  We must provide options that not only solve technology problems, but also budget and acquisition problems.  We pride ourselves on being better than anyone else around in this regard.

The best solutions for our customers all have two things in common – it solves their problem, and they’re able to buy it.  To that end, sometimes the hardest problems to solve aren’t related to technology at all.

Nomerel knows how to go above and beyond to get the problem solved.


Why Should You Choose Nomerel?

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