When Should I Update My IT Hardware?

by Jun 10, 2019Blog, Managed IT

It isn’t always obvious that it’s time to update your office hardware. Or perhaps it seems like an unnecessary expense and it’s easier, not to mention cheaper, to just have your IT services find a way around an issue until some other time. Unfortunately that very often isn’t the case; it’s not really cheaper to divert your IT support from important tasks to repair a computer that can’t actually do the task your undoubtedly frustrated staff needs to do. The cost comes in the form of overtime for your IT support and time lost by your employee, not to mention the disruption of their productivity thanks to the irritation and stress of out of date hardware.

There are many, many indications that it’s time to retire your overworked hardware and consult with an information technology consulting company about updating your IT hardware, but listed below are just four of the major ones. 

Your IT Staff spends most of their time Fixing Your Machines

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to do an upgrade is when your current hardware keeps breaking down. It is essential for a company, any company, to maintain their hardware. Most large companies have an IT support department that makes sure that equipment continues to perform at its best. Even smaller companies have an IT support manager that shares the same responsibilities. When they are working overtime to ensure that your IT hardware continues to keep going, it’s time to upgrade.

Fortunately, there’s help with that. An IT system company can help your IT department identify ways to upgrade and improve on your IT hardware. As new software and new technologies come out, it causes more work for your company’s hardware so whether it’s a new office phone that can utilize VOIP features or a new wireless printer, IT tech services are a necessity in helping your business stay on the cutting edge.

None or Few of Your Machines Match

When it comes to company hardware, it shouldn’t look like a patchwork quilt. That is to say, office equipment should be uniform rather than a variety of brands purchased over the span of many years.  Aside from the fact that it makes office tours a little embarrassing, it creates issues when it comes to sharing information in the office, not to mention it causes enormous strain on your IT support. Computers have very few interchangeable parts beyond the mouse, keyboard and some of the cords. When a piece of hardware requires repair and none of your computers are the same, your IT support likely doesn’t have that part on standby just on the off chance that one specific machine out of 50 will malfunction and need one specific part. The part will have to be ordered from the manufacturer or, more than likely, a company online that has outdated hardware for purchase. The part may or may not be inexpensive, but it’ll certainly take time to get it to you. In that time, that machine, and possibly that employee as well, isn’t making you money.

The best solution to this is to use an IT managed services provider who can upgrade all of your machines to a single model so, when something does actually go wrong, parts are on hand to have it fixed the same day.

The Software Will no longer Update or You Can’t Install New Software

Software updates are essential to your IT infrastructure for the same reasons it’s important for your home computer or smart phone. It fixes bugs that have previously gone undetected as well as updating security protocols to prevent things like identity theft or other cyber criminals. When your system can no longer update, or is too old to install new software, then it is imperative for the security of your company to upgrade. Out of date software will slow down your productivity as it cannot properly communicate with new technologies and hardware, but the biggest reason is security. Updates include security patches that protect your customers as well as ways to help your software work more efficiently. If your software cannot update, or even if you need to use a handful of applications to do one thing, it is time to consult with an IT company to upgrade your IT hardware.

Your Computers Can’t Talk to Tablets, Office Equipment, Etc.

As technology evolves, so does the need for connectivity. It is essential that office workstations be able to communicate with not only each other, but also the equipment that helps your office run more efficiently. When a desktop or laptop cannot communicate with the meeting room projector, the printer or even send files wirelessly to a tablet then it’s time to look at ways to upgrade the office hardware. Though there are inexpensive ways around this temporarily—you can buy USB Bluetooth adapters to use with desktops and laptops—ultimately it’s best to just go ahead and consult with an IT services company that can advise you on the best products to meet all of your office needs.

Many new machines feature built in Bluetooth and can communicate with any smart device it recognizes as well as other wireless equipment. Desktop support can help connect new machines to these devices making office productivity that much better.

Software and hardware is constantly evolving with no end in sight. In today’s world there are few areas of our lives that don’t feature computers and smart devices, and the workplace is no different. When computers are out of date or mismatched and your IT support spends all of their time fixing a dying system, it’s a drain on your company’s time, finances, productivity and the patience of your staff. It is essential to the success of a business that every piece of that hardware is up to date and working efficiently and with the help of IT tech services, that isn’t a problem.

By investing in an IT managed services contract or even just consulting with an IT services company for updates, you can help your company be more productive and profitable.