Here’s to Great Monday Mornings

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Tell me if this sounds familiar. It’s Monday morning. Payroll is due this afternoon. Your field workers are still having that nagging email issue. There is noting ‘quick’ about your Quickbooks. You have no idea what PC Load Letter means, other than your office printer hasn’t delivered in 3 days. The shop has scanners that won’t scan. The warehouse can’t see the ‘shared’ drive and you are almost certain that you smell smoke coming from the server room.

That can mean either another costly repair or, perhaps, that productivity and morale have slid so low that Bob from your current IT operation is smoking on the job again.

When you started this business, things were not going to be like this. You didn’t need computers, servers, smart phones and wireless printers. It was just you, your handful of team members and your dreams. But today’s market place is all connected. You’ve got more email addresses now that you ever dreamed of. How can you make sure Tina in accounting sees the invoices but also not spam her with all the sales junk? You’ve heard something about a distribution group, but hearing about it and knowing how to set them up are two very different things.

Another beep from the closet.

Another nasty email from your supplier saying something about a whitelist. What is a whitelist again?

It’s not even 915 in the morning and already you can feel the ‘to-do’ list left over from last week rising like a tsunami to utterly bury you…again. You swore it wouldn’t be like this, just like you did the month before. There has go to be a better way. That’s where Nomerel comes in.

Nomerel offers Tulsa, Oklahoma based IT consulting. We install, service and support desktops, laptops, servers, email, printers and phone systems. We offer end to end IT service from live answering your IT helpdesk phone calls to comprehensive security audits and compliance. You don’t need to wrestle your email server, we can get you migrated to Microsoft Office 365. We can make your computers talk (nicely) to each other which has been known to allow your team mates to do the same. It doesn’t have to be this hard. As a matter of fact, you are really just a phone call away from being able to pass the baton to the IT professionals so you can focus on running your business. You remember. That dream you were chasing before a thousand IT issues tried to pull you under for good.

Our team of dedicated professionals are standing by to make your IT resources work for you, not the other way around.

  • Live answered, knowledgeable humans on the phone
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring and alerts
  • Industry leading, best practice application of security, updates and patching
  • Machine Learning / AI protection for email, firewalls, networks, laptops, desktops and servers
  • Full Feature Telephone Options including cell phone integration, full time recording, voice to text transcription and all the other bells and whistles
  • Office 365 Migration and Support
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Computer Repair and support
  • World Peace…or at least a secure platform to write about it and wish…

Before you spend another week chasing your tail or whacking moles, give us a call. Let us hear what you’ve got going on and see if we can put out the fires and get you back to doing what you do best.

Operators are standing by:

or by phone at 918-806-9000


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