How To Never Lose Your Business Data: Small Business Cloud Backup Strategy

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Almost every business owner we consult with for the first time has a story about losing valuable business data. The type of data and the way in which it is lost varies from business to business, but the ultimate reason for the data loss is almost always the same; there is not a suitable data backup plan in place.

Today businesses are storing more digital data than ever before, but keeping that data secure and easily accessible is not as straightforward as it seems. For growing companies, it can seem simple and effective enough to upload files to consumer cloud backup services like Dropbox, but often such platforms don’t provide adequate data security. Furthermore, many businesses don’t consider how they’ll recover if the worst does happen to their data. When IT disaster strikes, these businesses don’t have a strategy in place to handle it, leaving them at risk of losing essential systems and data that could put a sudden stop to all business operations.

Business Data. What Could Go Wrong? 

The potential for disaster is everywhere when it comes to business data. Software can crash, hardware can fail, and malware can be inadvertently installed, leading to unauthorized systems access or disruption or damage to computers. Simple human error could lead to the accidental loss of data, or theft of network hardware might occur. Hardware could be damaged during natural disasters such as fires, floods or in our region tornados. Even something as simple as a common power outage could lead to data loss severe enough to stop a business operating.

While we can try to prevent these types of problems from occurring in the first place, it is not always possible to protect against every single possibility. Accidents, malfunctions, and natural disasters are often beyond our control. However, what businesses can control is what happens afterward. If they have a disaster recovery plan in place, including a sound data backup plan, they can restore their data and keep their business running. If, on the other hand, their backup data services aren’t up to scratch, they could risk losing their valuable data forever.

To learn more about the importance of professional disaster recovery plans, be sure to read about these three organizations which didn’t have such plans in place. Businesses across the world are losing millions of dollars worth of data every year, but you can avoid becoming one of them by getting your data security in order and formulating a sound disaster recovery strategy. That’s where we come in.

Backup Solutions Built For Small Business 

Nomerel backup solutions are built into our managed IT service plans, which can be completely customized to your business.

With our managed IT solutions, your organization gets enterprise-level backup solutions, on-call IT support, and hardware failure solutions for one low monthly price. We also provide custom data backup services, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and business continuity plans to keep your business up and running no matter what happens. Plus, since we provide 24/7 monitoring of your technology systems, we can identify and cure many potential problems before they occur, which minimizes the risk of disaster.

When we build a custom IT solution for one of our clients, we charge them a fixed monthly bill for everything involved in that solution. This means that you, the business owner, won’t be faced with hefty extra costs if we do need to spend more time with you to deal with unforeseen issues. Our goal is to take the stress out of IT and data security so that you can focus on taking care of your business.

How Managed IT With Nomerel Works

Since 2008 Nomerel has been serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metropolitan area, and we have recently expanded into Northeastern Arkansas and Kansas. Our passion is helping businesses keep their data safe and backed-up, no matter what their size or industry. We work with small and mighty start-ups of just one employee, as well as longstanding corporations with over 1,000 members of staff. Our managed IT solutions can be completely adapted to suit the unique needs of every individual business perfectly. 

When it comes to your bespoke managed IT solutions, we’ll begin with a consultation. We’ll sit down and talk about the current setup at your organization – how your data is currently managed, the risks involved, and the potential consequences of data loss. Then we will develop a foolproof business continuity plan to ensure you’re equipped for any disaster. For more information, be sure to give us a call or complete our contact form to arrange a consultation.


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