Top Cyber-Incident-Prevention Best Practices

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Top Cyber-Incident-Prevention Best Practices:

  1. Provide cybersecurity training for your employees: Your company is more secure if your employees are constantly trained on cybersecurity best practices. By educating your workforce on various cybersecurity risks, from data theft to ransomware, you can prevent them from committing simple errors.
  2. Stay up to date with software patches: If you’re running on operating systems and applications that aren’t updated frequently, you’re exposing your business to countless vulnerabilities. Unpatched applications can serve as a gateway for attacks. The best way to prevent malware from infecting your computer is to patch your system and applications.
  3. Enable multifactor authentication to safeguard accounts: With the addition of two-factor authentication, a hacker will have a much more difficult time gaining access to your online accounts. This is one of the easiest and least intrusive ways to add security to your accounts. By providing additional barriers that thwart malicious actors, multifactor authentication maintains the security of your data and systems. It’s highly improbable that a hacker will have an additional authentication factor, even if a password or other login technique is exploited.
  4. Require employees to work on a Virtual Private Network (VPN): VPNs are used to protect and maintain the privacy of your company’s network. Hackers won’t be able to see what pages your employees visit, the passwords they use or any sensitive data they access because VPNs encrypt their online activities.
  5. Encrypt your data: With encryption, you can keep your business data hidden from unauthorized users, preventing them from accessing private information and sensitive data while enhancing the security of communication between client apps and servers.
  6. Have a backup of sensitive data: Proactive data backup methods can increase security for your company and give you the ability to address any unanticipated data loss circumstances while ensuring business continuity. Creating backups is an excellent way to start because data loss can occur at any time and in a variety of ways.

There is no such thing as 100% cyber protection! What happens if you experience a cyber incident despite taking every precautionary measure? To respond to the issue quickly and lessen its impact on your company, notify Nomerel as soon as possible as we can initiate an incident response plan and begin remediation.



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