What are 5 indicators that your computer may have a virus?

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What are 5 indicators that your computer may have a virus?

  1. Your computer is slow and restarting it does not help.
  2. Your computer crashes frequently or you get the “blue screen of death.” Restarting it doesn’t help.
  3. Your computer is making “strange” noises as your hard drive and fan are affected by the virus. Viruses often damage the hard driveand cause it to work harder.
  4. You are missing files from your directory,or your files are corrupted and won’t open properly.
  5. New application or process appears to be running in the background of your CPU. This can also contribute to your computer slowing down.

If you suspect your computer has a virus, scan your computer with the anti-virus and anti-malware software you have installed. If Nomerel manages your anti-virus software, open a ticket bycalling our Support Desk at 918-806-9000 (M-F 8-5), or by sending an email to support@Nomerel.com as soon as you can after discovery. Time is of the essence when dealing with viruses or malware. You should also immediately unplug the network cable or turn off your wifi to prevent spreading of the potential compromise. Do this with all machines you suspect may have been attacked.

One final note: Cyber criminals are very good at social engineering phishing emails. They have to be lucky once to compromise your company’s network. Training your workforce to recognize phishing emails can greatly enhance their ability to avoid them. However, anyone can make the mistake and get compromised. The quicker Nomerel knows about the issue, the quicker we can remediate the damage and get your company back on track.


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