Why Oklahoma Companies Trust Nomerel For Phone Systems

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Across the US, businesses small and large are making the switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP, and many in Oklahoma are choosing Nomerel as their cloud PBX provider. But what makes a business VoIP phone system preferable to a traditional phone system, and is the switch right for your business?

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems transmit telephone calls over an IP network rather than a traditional public telephone network. Each call made via a VoIP service is significantly cheaper than with traditional telephony systems, which is a major draw for businesses who want to make their operations as cost-effective as possible. There’s also the added benefit of VoIP systems being insulated from cable cuts, power outages or natural disasters when public telephone networks fall out of service.

Using an IP network rather than a traditional telephone network results in greater portability since the same number can be transferred to various different locations. This is ideal for businesses with employees that travel or work from home. Plus, VoIP systems are easy to scale up for growing businesses which need to gradually increase their users as the company expands.

Flexible Solutions for Unique Businesses

Here at Nomerel, we provide a cloud-hosted PBX system with a vast range of advanced call handling features, including interactive voice response, time-of-day handling, and PC integration, to name just a few. Our cloud PBX is scalable to thousands of users, which makes it suitable for small businesses that need room to grow as well as major enterprises with multiple offices right across the country.

Since we’re a technology company rather than a phone company, like COX or Vonage, our expertise allows us to create end-to-end solutions to suit the exacting needs of each individual business. We cover all bases of your business VoIP phone system, from the telephone itself through to the firewall that protects your network and right into the cloud PBX from which your phone system operates. Our dedicated project manager can also provide private and personalized onboarding training programs to get your entire team up to speed with your cloud PBX phone system as quickly as possible.

Exceptional Support Response Time

Our professional implementation and support team, based right here in Tulsa, is on hand to get your business VoIP phone system up and running and to provide ongoing technical support whenever you need it. This allows you to reduce infrastructure costs without having to worry about downtime should you have any problems.

We’re only a phone call or email away and we pride ourselves on exceptional support response times. Plus, we can often resolve issues remotely in order to minimize disruptions and keep your business operations running smoothly.

99.999% Office Phone System Uptime

Our VoIP service offers 99.999% reliability, a percentage we’re incredibly proud of because we’re the first to admit it’s no easy feat!

100% uptime is impossible for any provider but 99.999% – commonly known as ‘the five nines’ and widely considered the best achievable uptime percentage – is attainable with enough hard work. We achieve our 99.999% reliability by securing our relationships with carriers. We’re a leading VoIP service provider and we value the protection of your data just as much as you do. Trust us – we’re doing everything we possibly can to give you the most reliable service.

Scalable and Affordable Phone Services

Traditional telephone service providers tend to have massive markups on their equipment and services that isn’t something we need to do as we are a technology support company. We’d much rather focus on getting you the best value for money for an excellent VoIP service.

If you already have networking that is suitable for use with VoIP phones, we won’t sell you new gear that there is simply no need for. Instead, we’ll make it work with your existing setup. If you do need new equipment, we’ll work with you to choose cost-effective solutions that work with your budget while allowing you to implement the features your business needs. Our system supports a vast array of different phone models from more than a dozen popular manufacturers, including Cisco, Cox, Mitel, Polycom and many more.

More Companies Are Switching to Nomerel

Here in Tulsa, we’re seeing more and more businesses choose Nomerel as their local business VoIP phone system provider for better value for money, more reliability and increased call processing opportunities. If you’re worried that your existing provider isn’t offering value for money, or if your phone bill is simply too high, get in touch via our Contact page. Let’s chat about our cloud PBX phone system and find a VoIP phone service that is just right for your business.


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