Work From Anywhere: Nomerel IT Solutions Make It Possible

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Working from home may be the new norm during the current global health crisis, but it’s unlikely to be a temporary arrangement. As businesses adjust to the concept of remote working, they’re beginning to see the significant benefits of having a mobile workforce, such as greater efficiency and reduced downtime. A remote IT system may not have been a necessity in the past; however, moving forward, it will be a valuable asset that will that make your business more flexible and more productive than ever before.

The Big Benefits Of A Mobile Equipt Workforce

With the help of Nomerel’s managed IT services and cloud phone systems, every employee’s home, cell phone, and computer can become a fully integrated extension of their employer’s main office. Employees can take work calls from any location, access business data at any time, and collaborate with colleagues no matter how many miles lay between them.

Once Nomerel has set your business up for remote working, you can be prepared for any eventuality that may lead to your employees being unable to reach the office. Should your work premises ever become inaccessible or, your team members become stranded at home your business can continue to operate with full functionality. Should your team members have to travel between offices or clients, they can remain contactable at any point. It’s even possible to eliminate the need for an office and have a 100% remote workforce if that’s what works for your business.

Affordability And flexibility With A Cloud PBX Phone System

Our Cloud PBX phone system is the ideal solution for businesses with a mobile workforce. Rather than using a traditional telephone exchange, cloud-hosted phone systems operate over the internet. They make it possible to access business phone systems from any internet-connected device, which means that staff doesn’t have to be in the office to make and receive business calls.

Cloud PBX is a much more affordable solution than traditional telephony systems, particularly for businesses that are rapidly expanding. New users can be added quickly, affordably, and with minimal disruption, which is ideal for companies with growing teams or those which are branching out into new territories.

With cloud-based telephony, team members can remain available for phone calls no matter where they are, whether that’s at home, at another office, or even overseas. Plus, with advanced call handling features such as interactive voice response, time-of-day handling, and call recording, your team will be just as capable of handling large volumes of calls from home as they are at the office.

Managed IT For Comprehensive Remote Working Support

One of the biggest worries for businesses that are considering remote working capabilities is IT support. What happens if something goes wrong with the technology? Will business operations grind to a halt if a problem occurs? Our managed IT services are designed with remote working in mind since we already operate and monitor our clients’ systems off-site to minimize disruption and expense.

We monitor the vital signs of our clients’ technology systems 24 hours each day. This means we can find and fix potential problems before they occur to minimize the risk of downtime. If problems do occur, our engineers are on hand to fix them right away, and usually, this can be done remotely to avoid delays.

Another aspect to consider is data security; if employees are accessing sensitive business data from home and from an array of different devices, can it be kept secure? To put it, yes, our support solutions will ensure data remains protected as when accessed in the office. With cloud-based computing technologies, business data is securely stored on your private network while remaining accessible to your employees. Plus, with our managed data backup services, you can have peace of mind that your critical data can be restored should anything go wrong.

Ask Us About Our Remote Office Technologies

At Nomerel, we know how stressful it is to wrestle with complex technology decisions. To make our clients’ lives easier, we focus on finding the right solutions at the right price for each business, no matter if they’re a small, ambitious start-up or a large, longstanding corporation.

If you want to know how to set up mobile technology solutions for your team, get in touch. We’ll talk about the unique needs of your business and recommend a bespoke remote IT service that will help your organization to thrive, no matter where your team is working.


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